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Ankle and Foot Problems

Problems Treated

    •  Plantar fasciitis   •  Achilles tendonitis   •  Ankle arthritis   •  Ankle instability   •  Partial tear of tendons in the foot

The ankle and foot make up approximately 30% of our office patient base. Frequent problems involving Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, or degenerative arthritis of the ankle are encountered.

Plantar fasciitis is easily diagnosed with ultrasound. The plantar fascia should maintain a uniform thickness as it attaches to your heal bone, and if it appears to be enlarged, it is an easy measurement that can be performed with ultrasound to tell whether or not it needs treatment. Frequently on the first time one would have plantar fasciitis, an ultrasound guided partial release of the plantar fascia can be performed along with a microfracture technique and a cortisone injection. This is frequently curative. In patients that do not do well with cortisone, PRP can be injected which here again notes a very high success rate. In patients that have more stubborn problems, a stem cell injection technique can be employed.

Achilles tendonitis is treated exclusively with PRP or stem cell injections. It is inappropriate to put cortisone in an Achilles tendon for it could possibly weaken it and make it rupture. Achilles tendonitis that is problematic is very efficiently treated with PRP in most cases and rarely stem cells need to be employed.

Degenerative arthritis to the ankle is not uncommon. The ankle joint itself can be injected with cortisone to see if it helps, and if good results are noted, PRP can be injected and here again in stubborn cases, stem cell treatment is very beneficial.

Ankle instability results from a chronic ankle sprain that never heals appropriately. PRP injections directly into the weak ligaments can cause them to tighten and re-establish ankle stability.

Partially-torn tendons such as the posterior tibialis and peroneal tendons can be repaired with PRP injections. This will help eliminate future tearing of the tendons and re-establish stability to the foot.

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