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Myofascial Pain

Problems Treated
    •  Chronic Muscle Pain
Muscles sometimes receive abnormal signals which cause them to remain in spasm for prolonged periods of time. In these situations,

the actual makeup of the muscle changes and becomes more like scar tissue. When this happens, you have chronic pain that can

last for months to years. This pain can frequently be treated.

Areas of tenderness around the shoulder can be injected with anesthetics in what are called trigger points and can be markedly

beneficial in getting a tight muscle to loosen its grip and relax relieving pain around the shoulder.


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Orthopedic Specialists LLC
202 US Route 1 - Suite 207  Falmouth, Maine 04105

Orthopedic Specialists LLC, led by Dr. John Herzog, provides treatment of sport injuries, joint pain and other musculo-skeletal problems. From our facility in Falmouth, Maine, we serve customers througout the Portland area, including Cumberland, Yarmouth, Windham, Westbrook, Freeport, Gorham, Standish, Buxton, Scarborough and Old Orchard Beach.

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